Privacy Policy

Any site user who visit our site is considered anonymous and we dont engage in any activity that will identify personal details of our site visitors.We often use your IP address to analyse statistics and identify issues with our server,to properly monitor and administrate our web site and to enhance our site based on the many popular and common features. We also use the IP address to identify the demographic information.

PVR America Inc is commited and concerned on personal information and commited to our policy.Cutomers and Clients should be able to reason the information that was provided to us through this site.The privacy policy should be thorougly understood before any activites or transactions are done through this site.

Cookies generally identify data and store data on your system to better serve your needs. Most of the web browsers can be set to alert such cookies and information exchange.It is the site visitor who would need to maintain the cookies and to make a decision to accept or not. As part of session cookies we might gather data widely for anonymous users in able to gather details and maintain statistics on certain trends on releasing our products.


PVR America Inc website links to another web site for providing partner information.We are not responsible for any privacy policy or effects for our custonmers by such urls or we take any responsibility for third party opinions or trade mark copy right policys on or through our website.


PVR America Inc allows any user who previously registered to our website for certain new letters etc can opt out of our emails and get removed from our customer database when such services are no longer needed. In order to opt of of such emails please reach us at
User Information:

PVR America Inc allows any user to provide their information to reach us for any services they need.We dont sell such contacts or detials for any of our third party partners or non partners.The data collected is retained securely.This personal data is solely used for the benifit of PVR America Inc and only for the services requested.

User Updation:

PVR America Inc allows any user who previously registered to our website for certain new letters etc can update the information they already provided in to our customer database . In order to update any of such information please reach us at

Contact Support:

PVR America Inc allows users to contact us at  regarding any privacy policy questions or any information that you want us to consider that is on our website.