PVR America Application Management practice offers help administrations for applications, middleware stages and innovations.

Application operations

Incorporates 24x7 observing of uses for accessibility/ execution/ limit, group checking/ administration. Application administration work area incorporates occurrence administration exercises, for example, episode recording, introductory examination of issues; following and heightening administration, and conclusion; client organization and administration reporting.

Production support

Includes a definite examination of episode, occurrence determination, and issue administration exercises, for example, pattern investigation, underlying driver investigation, known lapse foundation, and formation of RFC and break-fixes (barring code changes).

Release and change support

Contains setting up of different test situations, discharge/ change exercises, for example, discharge coordination, crisis discharges, assemble and code sending, overseeing discharge datebook, and arrangement administration/ SCM instrument organization.

Middleware product support

Incorporates item organization exercises, for example, observing, client organization, application sending, patch administration, and design administration for application framework: Web servers/application servers, informing foundation, content administration, and DW/ BI apparatuses.

WebSphere High Availability Solution

PVR America Websphere High Availability Solution addresses your requirements for high accessibility in middleware. Our practical arrangement is conceptualized, outlined, and executed with a set of exclusive IBM devices and mapped at diverse layers so as to give high accessibility.