PVR America Inc. is actualizing a "CUF" Project -programming undertaking including the advancement of Common utilities for Auditing, Logging, Deployment, Monitoring and Testing a product item. "CUF" condenses to Common Utility Framework.


The Common Utility Framework or CUF is a situated of utility administrations made by any endeavor for their inward use. Undertakings use a great deal of cash and assets creating their own particular systems. Our objective is to make a typical Framework and permit or offer the item at the part of expense to endeavors out all inclusive, along these lines sparing time and cost expected to make it at each undertaking. It is an incredible ROI to the organizations and a decent business item to PVR. CUF likewise serve the application where the endeavor arrangements are composed. The real focal point of utilizing a CUF as a part of a venture arrangement is to have a typical standard executed regarding change of human asset in any association.


PVR America Inc. "CUF (Common Utility Framework)" task goes for tending to a becoming requirement for an utility system that can be All-in-One usefulness for the undertaking programming ventures after Development.

A CUF ought to be in charge of everything which is reusable where software engineer doesn't like to code for it. Developer would like to waste time in actualizing it which is vital so he ought to go inside CUF.

CUF services would include:

Inspecting (Transaction Logging) 

Let's assume you have a long process; you separate it and need to embed logging of the methodology as checkpoints. You truly require some great utility to log the majority of this. Apache log4j is something to be thankful for, yet it needs to get into your CUF so that all other application can get to it effectively.

One can even log the accompanying: 

Complete Message Traceability: Track the whole message 

Execution – Time used in every exchan

Logging (General Logging) 

You recently require some general debug logging, or whatever other log. 

You may need to put the logs on documents or database. It relies on upon your association. 

There ought to have fluctuated levels of log. What amount of information you need to catch? 

This CUF administration ought to additionally be dependable to change the levels of the logs at runtime

Exemption Handling 

There will constantly be bright way and inauspicious route, what to do in light of current circumstances? A normal structure to handle customary extraordinary case circumstances. 

You may need to log these lapses.

The best practice is to make a nonexclusive handler for all normal exemption. 

Slip Notification and Escalation 

Framework Errors – Inner Errors, Mis-setup, Database slips, Timeouts and so on. 

Business Errors – Component or Application Errors related to resources, structures, static data and so forth. 

One should also keep in mind the following

Error levels – Critical, High, Medium, Low etc.
 Alert levels – Whom to escalate, what level?

Escalations procedures – FIX, Root Cause and Prevention mechanism.

Message Repair:
 Right Missing Data – Human is informed, settling and reprocessing work process a while later.


CUF ought to conceivably be mindful or rather say savvy enough to have reprocess rationale 

There ought to be diverse levels of retry: 

For instance –retry from begin, retry from last blunder checkpoint and  etc

 What medium to use for notification?
 Emails, Dashboards, alert screens, SMS
 This should be configurable as per the interface
 It should also be reliable

Initialization and Cleanup

Initial setup on start up
 To reserve some memory
 To initialize a data feed.
 To initialize a pool of objects etc.

Locking mechanism: A set of regular locking component for imparted administrations. 

To guarantee stand out occurrence of the administration is running 

To guarantee concurrency at administration call level.

Cleanup of memory

To guarantee your administration ends legitimately 

To guarantee you discharge all trash information and clear unused memory

Custom garbage collectors.
 May be a custom garbage collector on the service level.
 For example, if a service has been running for more than X hours. Where X is max limit, it should get killed.

Shared Resources:

Database Pooling:
 A common database pool of database and adapters which can be used as shared resources.

 A message driven middleware or JMS/EMS shared adapters to PUB-SUB messages.

Service Management:
 Manage service calls, Thread Management, Interrupt and reset shared object pools.

As a conclusion –A CUF should be responsible to make life easy.

There are steady chooses or concrete standards that affiliations should take after yet the above centers should help you starting to have CUF realized at your endeavor.