PVR America's Product Division distinguished a business case to enhance and HR forms through computerization and started the advancement of one of its Flagship Product "CONSOL – An Integrated Career and Life Management Support System". This would be helpful for any association that would be ready to mechanize their inside HR transform and additionally those associations that attempt HR transforming remotely. Despite the fact that, the arrangement is suitable for any Business, PVR America is going for the Staffing Industry, where the income produced is essentially through sourcing their representatives.

The CONSOL PVR America's "Worker Portal" Data Integration Program taken up by the PVR AMERICA INFORMATION SERVICES DEPARTMENT (PISD) gives a structure supporting a standard and reliable strategy for the safe trade of information between different inner PVR America frameworks like HR, Payroll, Health Insurance and so forth to address the needs of the PVR America Employees, Human Resources Dept. what's more Accounting Systems, Marketing Systems to empower an "ONE View" of the Enterprise.

The task majorly manages the configuration, improvement and coordination of Enterprise Common Services with a frontend entry and a backend Database. The framework is composed such that these administrations will then be reused crosswise over different applications as a typical Service.

CONSOL comprises of the following components namely:

Employee Management System: Worker administration makes it simple to check and track human assets division at the press of a catch. It makes the framework simple to screen and oversee representatives from distinctive area. This framework helps in overseeing representatives work report and benefit. Our worker administration framework incorporates a period following framework that spares both time and cash. These all gimmicks help at the time of representative examinations.

User Management System: The User Management System gives usefulness to oversee clients and individual profiles.


UMS is straightforward client administration framework that gives usefulness to oversee individual profiles and clients. Individual profiles contain data, for example, profile distinguishing proof number, email, first and last name, and so on. Individual profiles are utilized for individual data, for example, names, addresses, and so on. Keeping in mind the end goal to get to individual profile for perusing and alteration PIN number is utilized for verification. Client data contains client distinguishing proof number, username, watchword and session for validation. Client data is utilized for abnormal state verification and benefits definitions. One or more individual profiles are relegated to a client. Moreover there are client bunches with the end goal of gathering particular benefits and profile parts for application particular need identified with the client's part in the framework.


Immigration Management System: EIMMIGRATION is a complete and instinctive migration case administration framework that gives overhauled movement structures, online customer polls, contact administration, updates for close dates and due dates, one-time information section, free structure notes for phone calls and exploration discoveries, and robotized record/email layouts.

One of the best peculiarities of EIMMIGRATION is that it is a cloud-based programming framework. Wherever you have Internet access, you have admittance to all the data for your situation administration framework. You never need to stress over the most recent adaptation of a structure on the grounds that EIMMIGRATION overhauls your product for you and moves down your imperative customer information.


Migration administration is a robust, movement particular case administration apparatus for little and solo lawyers. Its peculiarities incorporate coordinated structures and procedures, one-time information passage, administration of due dates and updates, standard and adaptable email and archive layouts, announcements, visa need following, reporting devices, and access to connections and assets for movement related issues.


Payroll System: The Payroll Management System manages the money related parts of representative's pay, stipends, findings, horrible pay, net pay and so on and era of pay-slips for a particular period. The remarkable profit of Payroll Management System is its simple usage. Different favorable circumstances of Payroll Management System are its far reaching peculiarities and reports.

Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management framework gives all the key modules to deal with your Human capital. This complete HR framework streamlines regulatory undertakings, enhances correspondence, lessens costs, and gives moment reports and investigation.


Human Resources module can be utilized for work process control, by overseeing and holding representative data & correspondence halfway, keeping data secure and secret yet effortlessly open by those approved.


Recruitment System: Candidate Tracking System application helps counseling organizations in their selecting methodology. It helps them to deal with the enlisting procedure, customer relationship and applicant relationship on a solitary stage. 


CONSOL helps you decrease time-to-contract, mechanizes your staffing process and furnishes you with the focused apparatuses to enhance the profit of your Sales & Recruiting group. 

A portion of the fundamental gimmicks are: Work-stream, Resume Parser, Resume Board Searching, Mass Mailing, Outlook Integration, and Reporting.